Donnerstag, September 27, 2012

[magic item] Cruel Blade of Wrath (fire blade)

Cruel Blade of Wrath

A heavy-bladed falchion with a hand and a half hilt. The blade is of earth-brown color engraved with symbols of magic. Its handle made of wood, and wrapped with leather, features a pommel shaped like a round head with two fierce eyes set with white stones. The short cross-guard flames like hot embers when engaged in combat.

This is a fire blade dealing +1 damage against normal creatures, and +3 damage against creatures vulnerable to fire.
It does not provide an attack bonus but counts as a magical weapon against creatures immune to normal weapons.

It grants resistance to normal cold (snow, winter), and a +3 saving throw bonus vs. cold attacks. Being a fire blade it also grants immunity to fire, and can upon command, or by its own will shed fire light equal to a torch, and ignite normal flammable materials. Other powers are not known.

The blade is kept in a simple leather scabbard.

This is a INT 4 weapon able to communicate with its owner by telepathy.

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