Freitag, August 24, 2012

Generic Fighter Background

Roll d6
  • 1-5: During your early childhood one of your parents was slaughtered by a group of marauding mercenaries. They destroyed your village, as well, and left a trail of dead and wreckage behind. You survived at that time, because you had been playing hide&seek with some of your friends, and witnessed the attack from a safe place just outside the village. You swore revenge that day, and started to hone your fighting skills with the broken quarterstaff of your father. You and your young friends searched restlessly for accounts of the mercenaries' whereabouts. Years passed. Now that you're strong enough to fight wearing armor and heavy weapons one of your friends (a thief) had finally found your enemies. It's time for revenge.
  • 6: Same as 1-5 but exaggerate the details.
Inspired by the great Dungeon Dozen and some years of role-playing experience.

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